Your Instagram profile is the first place someone goes to find you and decide if they want to follow you or engage with your content. Your Instagram bio is where you make your first impression; for it to be a lasting one, it needs to be carefully crafted.

While writing a bio for a dentist on Instagram, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd and be able to communicate what you do in a few words to be able to use that impression to gain more followers and new patients.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about writing the best Instagram bio for dentists to acquire more patients to grow their practice, engage with patients outside of the office, and build credibility as a dental professional on social media.

Let’s jump right in to understand the basic components of an Instagram bio and how you can leverage that to get more bookings.

5 components to include in your dentist Instagram bio

When you decide to make an Instagram profile, you can choose from three types of accounts: Personal, Business, and Content Creator. If you are creating one for your practice, then you should create a Business account.

Once you create your account, the first thing you want to do is fill up your Instagram bio to give your profile visitors the opportunity to understand what you do, who you are, and how they would benefit from your service. Let’s look at all the different parts of your dentist’s Instagram bio.

1. Name

The most obvious and unique part of your practice is your brand name. You want to write it as it is, so that anyone who is looking to find a dentist or knows your name, can simply type your practice name to find you easily.

If you are running your own practice, then you should enter your practice name with your professional name and qualifications under this subheading. If you are creating a personal account for yourself as a dentist, you can use your name and distinction. It is imperative while building an online presence that your personal brand as a dentist is represented alongside your practice name.


  • Title + Your Full Name
  • Title + Your Full Name + Qualifications and Affiliations
  • Practice Name + Your Full Name + Title
  • Practice Name + Your Full Name

2. Username

Example of a dentist bio

When you create your Instagram handle, you want to give this some thought before you decide on a name, because you can’t change this. Your audience can search for you using your handle, this will go on all your marketing material, and this is how you will be identified on social media. Here are a few examples that we hope can help you get started:


  • Your Full Name
  • Practice Name
  • Your Full Name + Qualification
  • Title + Full Name
  • Social media alias

3. Pronouns

If you are creating an Instagram account for your practice, you can skip this, but if you are making a dentist Instagram profile for yourself, then you should clearly state how you want to be addressed.


  • He/His
  • She/Her
  • They/Them

4. Website

When you direct your audience to your website, it gives them a clear and detailed picture of what your practice is all about. Having a CTA on your social media profile, whether it is your website or a link to book an appointment, increases the likelihood of acquiring more patients without any additional cost to your practice.

You may be putting up great content for your audience to consume, but if they don’t know how to get in touch with you, then it defeats the purpose.


5. Bio

Example of a dentist with a quote as their bio

This is the section of your dentist Instagram bio where you can get creative since you only have 150 characters to define what you do.

You can use your practice’s tagline, use a few keywords that make it easy for your audience to understand the type of content they can expect to see on your profile, or mention your expertise so that they can decide if they want to follow you or not. There are no grammar rules that you are bound by, you can punctuate your bio the way you like, use emojis with the goal to get your profile visitor interested, and eventually book your service.


  • Experience friendly and professional dental care in downtown Chicago. New patients welcome!
  • Providing family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry in the SF area
  • Guiding parents through the challenges of baby teeth
  • Find a perfect balance of quality service and a comfortable atmosphere. Let us sign your smile!

5. Profile picture

Example of a profile picture

When you are setting up a profile for your practice, you should be using your logo (if you have one). This will help when your existing patients search for your profile to recognize your Instagram page by your logo.

If you are setting up your own professional account, then choose a high-quality and pleasant-looking photo to be your profile photo. Potential patients are less likely to click on a bad-quality photo, a group photo, or a photo that shows before and after images of your patients’ teeth.

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Optimizing your dental Instagram for greater impact

Once you’ve filled out this basic information on your Instagram profile, there are some advanced options you can look at to increase your chances of being discovered.

1. Link your FB page

This option helps you connect your Instagram profile with your practice’s Facebook account. Once you link them to your profile, you have the option to share the same content across both platforms. This ensures that your messaging is consistent across Facebook and Instagram, you reach out to a larger audience, and you don’t have to go into Facebook to share the same thing again.

2. Add a category

Instagram has a list of professions, business types that you can choose from to best describe your practice. Once you select a category for yourself, it helps with discoverability and niche identity so that your profile visitor knows exactly what they can expect to see on your Instagram page.

3. Add contact details

Under this subheading, you can choose the information about your practice that you want to display, such as your email, phone number, address, and WhatsApp business phone number. Your WhatsApp business phone number can connect directly to your WhatsApp business account, providing your potential patients another quick way of reaching you.

4. Use action buttons

The Action Button feature on Instagram allows your customers to ‘Book’ an appointment or ‘Reserve’ a spot. The Book Now feature connects you to a bunch of appointment scheduling and reminder tools that your practice may already be using. The Reserve feature mainly caters to restaurants and cafes, letting you save a spot ahead of time.

5. Profile display of your business category

Under Profile Display, you can choose to display which category your business belongs to so that your profile visitors are steered in the right direction before they read anything else on your profile. If you decide to display your contact info, then you will see both Call and Email CTAs appear on your profile that enables your audience to connect with you right away.

6 tips for perfecting your dental Instagram bio

Now that you understand the basics about what to share on your dental Instagram bio, let’s look at easy ways to make it stand out. Check out the following tips that describe common things you may forget to add or quick ways to bring in new patients so that your practice can ace the social media game.

1. Add a CTA to enable easier communication

Your audience should be able to see your address to gauge if your practice is close to where they stay. By including your phone number or email, your profile visitors have the option to quickly contact you for more information. Adding the Book Now call to action can help you acquire new patients and motivate your existing followers to schedule their visits.

2. Clearly state your specialty in your dental Instagram bio

It takes less than 5 seconds to read an Instagram bio, making it imperative that you mention your specialty. At first glance, your audience should know if you are trying to solve a problem that they have and give them a reason to contact you.

3. Include your practice website

While social media only aids in building your online presence, dental patients want to know a little more about you before booking your service. Since Instagram allows you to link one website in your profile, make sure it is your practice website.

4. Include a catchy hashtag

A unique hashtag allows you to be discovered, setting you apart from the millions of hashtags and niches that exist on social media. You can encourage your patients to post on their own social media and use your hashtag to be able to reach their audience as well.

5. Incentivize your audience with special deals

When your practice is in growth mode, you may need to do a bit more than just have a clear and descriptive bio. Providing a free cleaning or an attractive discount can motivate them to book an appointment with you. You can include this in your bio, creating urgency by using phrases like:

  • ‘Hurry to claim your free cleaning’
  • ‘Last few spots left. Click below to book now!’

6. Use emojis to say more with less

Your Instagram audience may be well-versed with the emoji language. Depending on the age group that your audience caters to, including emojis can give your profile visitors a fair idea of the culture of your practice and add some fun to the bland messages they would typically receive about dental appointments.

Instagram bio ideas for dentists: examples and templates

In this section, you can find examples and templates for different styles of Instagram bios. Depending on your target audience, your practice culture, and how you want to be perceived by your profile visitors, here are different approaches that you can take to writing your dentist bio for Instagram:

1. Stick to the basics

Basic Dentist Instagram bio

If you are new to Instagram, it is probably safe to start with your basic information, such as your name, your profession (or specialization) with your qualifications, and your contact information. This will give your audience a good idea about whether you serve their area, or you have the right expertise to treat their problem.


Name: Dr. <Full Name>
Username: @drfullname
Pronouns: He/Him
Website: <Your Practice Website>
Bio: <Dental Specialization> | <Full Address> | <Phone Number> 

2. Formal with no frills

If you decide to opt for a more formal tone to your dentist Instagram bio, then start by using a good-quality professional photo or your practice logo. Your dental bio should reflect your qualifications, professional affiliations, and what your audience should contact you for.


Name: <Practice Name>
Username: @practicename
Pronouns: <not required>
Website: <Your Practice Website>
Bio: <Specializations> | <Professional Affiliations> | <Media Coverage (if any)>

3. Share some style and emotion with emojis

Emoji dentist Instagram bio

With the use of emojis, you can say more with less characters and add creativity and fun to your bio. Although this can make you seem informal, when used properly you can communicate more effectively, saving characters and adding a personal touch. Since most people on Instagram understand emojis, you don’t have to worry about not being understood.


Name: Dr. Full Name
Username: @drfullname
Pronouns: She/Her
Website: <Your Practice Website>
Bio: 🦷 <Your Specialization> | 📍<City, State> | 📱<Phone Number> | 📥 DM for a FREE virtual consultation

4. CTA-focused to drive conversions

CTA focused Dentist Instagram bio

Creating an Instagram account for your dental practice opens an avenue to be discovered by potential patients. When someone lands on your page, make sure they have somewhere to click that will take them to your website, an appointment booking link, or to register for a free giveaway. Your dentist Instagram bio should be able to create urgency for your visitor to click on the link.


Name: <Your Practice Name>
Username: @practicename
Pronouns: <not required>
Website: <Link to book appointment>
Bio: <Your practice tagline> | <Full Address> | Click below👇🏻to book your appointment with us!

5. Leveraging a social media alias

Example of a social media alias dentist bio

You can get creative and use an Alias like ‘@drtoothysmiles’, ‘@thesmilingdentist’ or @thetoothninja. These are especially useful, if there are already doctors profiles with the same name as yours. Creating a unique alias can also help you and your practice build a personal brand that you can use across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost among millions of other profiles.


Name: <socialmediaalias> | <Qualifications> | <Professional Affiliations>
Username: <@socialmediaalias>
Pronouns: She/Her
Website: <Your Practice Name>
Bio: 🦷<Your mission as a dentist> | 📍<City, State> | <Add other Interests with appropriate emoji, if any🧗🏼‍♀️🚵🏽>

Use Instagram as part of your dental marketing strategy

Don’t just wait to be found on your website, go find and engage with potential patients on Instagram. This is a great way to acquire patients and increase patient communication for a better patient experience.

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