As a dentist looking to grow your business and acquire more patients, you’ll want to leverage social media – specifically Instagram – to expand your reach and grab their attention. Showcase success stories from dental procedures and patients or share dental memes to entertain and inspire your followers.

In this article we will be taking you through the dental influencers who have leveraged Instagram to build their practice and stand out as a thought leader in their profession.

Let us start with the basics to get you set up on Instagram before we move on to checking out what the bigwigs of the dental industry are doing right to build a large following.

What makes a good dentist Instagram account?

Instagram is a great, cost-effective option for marketing your practice and engaging with your existing patients. Your Instagram page acts as your very own billboard which you can use to advertise your practice, what you offer, and why someone should choose you over the competition.

If you are still learning the ropes of Instagram, here are some key points that you should keep in mind to stand out among the rest.

  • Choosing the right handle name: Your dental Instagram handle should be either your name or your practice’s name so that your patients can easily find you. You can also get creative and choose an alias that speaks to the dental profession.
  • List yourself in an appropriate category: When you list yourself under the category that best describes your profession, you have a higher likelihood of being discovered by potential patients. When you do this, Instagram’s search algorithm displays your business when someone searches for your niche in your location.
  • Fill in your contact options: Under Contact Options, you can enter your phone number and business address, which will help your visitors connect with you. By tapping on the address, your audience is taken to the exact location on Maps and by clicking on Contact, they can give you a call.
  • Include a CTA in your bio: Giving visitors the option to book an appointment or visit your website with a clear CTA will help increase appointment bookings and grow your practice.
  • Clear and concise bio: You must be able to give your audience a gist of what you do, why they should follow you, and how they would benefit from consuming your content in 150 characters. However daunting that may sound, it is definitely possible. Check out our detailed post on writing the best Instagram bios to get a head start.
  • Relevant content: Your dental Instagram content can be informative, educational, funny, or anything depending on your style of communication. You can create patient testimonial videos, before and after photos, oral hygiene tips, networking, and professional development posts to keep your audience engaged and interested.
  • Pick the right photo: The photo that you choose for your Instagram profile has to be high quality, clear, and pleasing to the eye. If you are creating a page for your dental practice, make sure to use your practice logo.

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6 famous Instagram dentists to learn top strategies from

Building a large following on Instagram is not an overnight task. It requires time, patience, and consistently posting good quality content.

Having a content calendar and planning ahead of time about what you want to post every week is key to consistently churning out content. You can check out these dentists to follow on instagram to learn how you can leverage the platform to convert more visitors into patients.

1. drbilldorfman

Dr Bill Dorfman’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 2,565 | Followers: 1.3M
Follow for: Dental treatments and transformation videos

On Dr. Bill Dorfman’s Instagram page, you can find links to his podcasts, dental treatments, and other collaborations with celebrities and dental practitioners. As a philanthropist and NY Times best-selling author, he also posts about the causes that he supports.

2. doctorapa

Dr. Apa’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 3,372 | Followers: 540k
Follow for: Writing a clear dental bio

With a clear bio description, Dr. Micheal Apa’s Instagram page tells you everything that you need to know within the first few seconds of visiting his profile. He uses commonly used emojis to tell his audience about why and how to contact him. Along with dental transformations and procedures, he also puts out videos talking about his dental career to inspire others in his community.

3. drkevinsands

Dr. Kevin Sands’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 482 | Followers: 528k
Follow for: Before and after dental treatment photos

As a dentist to many Hollywood stars, Dr. Kevin Sand is one of the most popular dentists to follow on Instagram. His bio description includes his qualifications, location, phone number, address, and website, making it very easy for his profile visitors to learn more about him and connect.

4. doctorduval

Dr. Duval’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 344 | Followers: 471k
Follow for: Before and after dental treatment photos

Along with several dental transformations that you can find on Dr. Duval’s Instagram page, he also uses the ‘Story highlights’ feature to club all similar posts under one heading, making it easy for a new visitor to learn about his work. He also has several videos by his happy and satisfied patients as a testament to his work.

5. dryazdan

Activity: Posts: 1,744 | Followers: 226k
Follow for: Lessons on dental marketing

With a 360-degree social media presence, Dr. Yazdan also offers a course on dental marketing called Grow with the Gram. Along with her website and clinic address in her bio, she also has a catchphrase that is meant to lure patients towards her care. She also stylizes herself by her alias – ‘Smile Whisperer’ – which gives her a unique social media identity that also speaks to her profession.

6. the.dentistmom

Dr. Helen Mo’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 278 | Followers: 226k
Follow for: Pediatric dental tips

Many dental influencers like Dr. Helen Mo share their personal stories along with dental content to make them feel more authentic and relatable. Being a pediatric dentist herself, her 3-year-old daughter features a lot in the content that she creates. Her Instagram handle along with her bio clearly communicates the type of content that you can find on her profile.

5 humorous dental Instagram accounts for entertainment and motivation

Your Instagram page should be able to convey your personality to your audience. Share in dental-industry related humour and see some of the funniest dental Instagram captions.

The following dentist influencers on instagram use humor and entertainment in their communication that adds a bit of lightheartedness and spirit to get patients excited about visiting a dentist’s office.

7. singingdentist

Singing Dentist’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 220 | Followers: 322k
Follow for: Dental humor, songs, and tips

The Singing Dentist is one of the most famous Instagram dentists. As a passionate oral surgeon and a talented performer, he creates entertaining dental education posts that are different from the traditional dental content that you can find on Instagram.

8. dentistry_humor

Activity: Posts: 1,442 | Followers: 213k
Follow for: Dentistry memes and jokes

The Dentistry Humor Instagram page carries jokes and memes for the dental community to enjoy. You can find some relatable and light-hearted content about experiences with patients, dental office management, and much more – all with the aim of bringing some joy to your day.

9. bloodytoothguy

Dr. Jason Auerbach’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 1,826 | Followers: 170k
Follow for: Dental treatments and surgeries

These posts are not for the faint-hearted. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Jason Auerback aptly calls himself the ‘bloodytoothguy’, sharing posts of dental procedures that show just how messy dental surgery can be. His Instagram – while promoting himself professionally – is a collection of oral surgery pictures that show the nitty-gritty side of dentistry.

10. refinedentistry

Activity: Posts: 262 | Followers: 78.8k
Follow for: Dental education and fun dance videos

Refinedentistry has trending dentistry content that is educational with a touch of humor. As a practice page, you not only see content about dentistry, but you also get to see the other members of the practice and hear about office updates and events.

11. sfdentalnerd

sfdentalnerd’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 1,926 | Followers: 35.1k
Follow for: Dental memes and jokes

Along with some originally created dental memes, sfdentalnerd also posts engaging content about his dental treatments and procedures. Under the Story Highlights section you can find information about dental equipment, tips, and DIY hacks that might be useful for a dental professional.

10 dentist Instagram accounts that strike the perfect balance between personal and professional

When you share some part of your personal life on your dental Instagram account, your patients can catch a glimpse of who you are outside of the office, which humanizes you in your patients eyes and gives them an opportunity to get to know you.

It also adds variety to the dental content that you share, and gets away from the standard, boring ‘before and after’ photos. The following dentists strike a perfect balance between sharing good quality dental education content and their personal life, including their hobbies, interests, and family life.

12. thefoodie_dentist

Dr. Surina Sehgal’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 640 | Followers: 33.8k
Follow for: Educational information about oral health and hygiene

With a clearly defined Instagram handle and bio, you can find content about food and life as a dentist on Dr. Surina Sehgal’s page. Her content caters to patients who want to learn about basic dental health products and procedures. Using her Instagram popularity, she also collaborates with dental, food, and fashion brands to create a variety of content on her page.

13. doctorseay

Dr. Amanda Seay’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 350 | Followers: 15.6k
Follow for: Brief sentence about what followers can expect

On Dr. Amanda Seay’s profile you can read about her dental treatments, outreach programs, and causes that she cares about along with other professional engagements that she participates in. She uses the Story Highlights feature to give her audience a sneak peek of her family.

14. doctorjocelynnvida

Dr. Vida’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 279 | Followers: 136k
Follow for: Video testimonials with her patients about their dental procedures

As an advocate for women in the workplace, Dr. Vida’s Instagram profile has content about her dental procedures and inspiring stories as a reminder to anyone who wants to make a difference in their profession. She also regularly engages with her audience in an ‘Ask me’ story, where patients can seek out free dental advice.

15. joycethedentist

Dr. Joyce’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 266 | Followers: 34.4k
Follow for: Oral hygiene reels and IGTV content

Dr. Joyce Kahng is a working mom who regularly posts about her life as a cosmetic dentist and the struggles of motherhood. Her Instagram bio clearly states her qualifications and a CTA to make an appointment and her posts have personal stories and dental tips and tricks that her followers can find useful.


Dr. Patrick Anghel’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 845 | Followers: 26k
Follow for: Dental educational content and memes

While Dr. Patrick Anghel’s Instagram handle is called, he also tells you about his other interests through his content. With the use of emojis on his bio description, you get information about his practice, how to book appointments, and other non-dentistry aspects of his life which make him more relatable.

17. dr_seancook

Dr. Sean Cook’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 156 | Followers: 9.1k
Follow for: Inspiring content about his dental career

Dr. Sean Cook’s Instagram page has a consistent and carefully thought-out posting schedule with a dental transformation image after every two posts so that it lines up on one side of the page. He also shares photos of his family, travel, and other professional engagements.

18. justflossit

Jasmine the Dental Hygienist’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 322 | Followers: 21.3k
Follow for: Instagram reels for oral health and hygiene content

Jasmine Capra is a Dental Hygienist who runs a podcast, Youtube channel, and is on TikTok with the same handle as her Instagram account. Along with regularly posting about dental hygiene, she also likes to share about her travel escapades, fashion, and home decor.

19. toothlife.irene

Irene Michelle Iancu’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 1,372 | Followers: 22.9k
Follow for: Dental equipment reviews

Irene Michelle Iancu is a well-known dental influencer who manages three other Instagram accounts which include her podcast, practice, and dental merchandise. On this page though, you can learn about her other roles as a motivational speaker, clinical instructor, and a mentor to students.

20. drpareshshah

Dr. Paresh Shah’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 374 | Followers: 17.4k
Follow for: Before and after dental treatment photos

As a famous dentist on Instagram from Canada, Dr. Paresh Shah talks a lot about patient-centered care. He primarily posts about his professional engagements as a dental practitioner and international lecturer, but you can also catch a glimpse of his family on his page.

21. dr.trevornichols

Dr.Trevor Nichols’ Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 576 | Followers: 33.4k
Follow for: Story highlights follow one theme

Creating a fine balance between dental content and family photos, Dr. Trevor Nichols regularly posts about the smiles that he transforms and testimonials from his patients. You can see that his Instagram profile is very carefully designed with before and after smiles aligned on one side, teeth transformations in the center, and everything else on the other side. This makes it easy on the eye for his profile visitors and his followers to know what to expect.

4 dental Instagram accounts run by practices and businesses

If you and your team are managing an Instagram account for your practice, then the type of content you share should speak to what you do best. You can check out the following practices’ Instagram account to get some inspiration to see how dental Instagram marketing is done.

22. riverfrontpediatricdentistry

Riverfront pediatric dentistry’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 558 | Followers: 34.7k
Follow for: Magic tricks and fun videos with patients

Riverfront pediatric dentistry sets itself apart by making a visit to the dentist look anything but dreadful by posting magic tricks for kids and talking to them about the procedure to reduce their pain and anxiety. While this content caters to parents who are looking for a pediatric dentist or may have questions in their minds about their children’s teeth, the practice also carries dental educational information that their kids can learn about.

23. grandstreetdental

Grandstreet Dental’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 753 | Followers: 11.1k
Follow for: Appointment booking CTA

With a NexHealth online scheduling link given in the bio, Grand Street Dental’s audience don’t have to worry about calling up the office to make an appointment. While Grand Street Dental creates great educational and dental transformation content on their Instagram page, using a real-time appointment booking software like NexHealth saw their practice gain 157% more patient bookings.

24. garciaorthodontics

Garcia Orthodontics’ Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 1,191 | Followers: 47.2k
Follow for: Success stories and selfies with satisfied patients

On Garcia Orthodontics’ page you are sure to enjoy the fun and educational dental content that is made in collaboration with the patients and the staff. You can learn about the dental practitioners and their qualification from their Bio and also check out their website to find more information about their practice.

25. dentinaltube

Dentinaltube’s Instagram page

Activity: Posts: 426 | Followers: 72k
Follow for: Dental education for dentists

The Dentinaltube page is managed by four cosmetic dentists who create educational infographics about UAB restorative and biomaterials that dentists use for their procedures. You can also find guides about dental surgeries and the latest technology in the field.

7 winning strategies that dental influencers use

Finding your feet and learning the content-creating process that speaks to the type of dental practitioner you are can take some time. If you are new to Instagram and don’t know where to begin, then you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – learning from what other dental influencers are doing is a great starting point.

These strategies below are sure shot winners to ensure engagement and reach your Instagram audience.

1. Sharing success stories

Before and after teeth photo

Using a visual platform like Instagram is perfect for dentists to advertise their work. By posting dental transformations and patient reviews that work as a testament to your quality of work, patients are able to learn a great deal about you without meeting you.

2. IGTV and Reels

Dental video content

Sharing short-form or snackable video content like Reels and IGTV has proven to help you gain more followers and reach a larger audience. Depending on your personal style of communication you could create patient testimonials, educational content on dental procedures or oral hygiene, or fun videos to ensure engagement.

3. Sharing their personal life

Dentist and his family

While you may want to be known as the best in your profession, your audience may want to know a little more about your life outside of your office. By sharing photos of your family on birthdays, anniversaries, or vacations, your patients get a sneak peek of your personal life, making you more relatable.

4. Have a CTA in your bio

Dentist bio with CTA

Your dental practice social media is meant to bolster engagement with your practice, leading to increased conversions and practice growth. When your audience discovers you on Instagram, you need to have a link to your website or appointment scheduling platform so that they can make an appointment with you directly from where you are advertising and promoting yourself.

5. List yourself in the right category

Cosmetic dentist category

Instagram allows you to select among a variety of categories making it easy for your audience to find you based on the content you post. Be sure to choose the right category to draw in the best audience – those that are likely to convert. For example, if you focus on pediatric dentistry, you can list yourself under that category, and help that audience find you more easily. While choosing a more narrow category can lower your overall exposure and traffic, it can significantly increase your conversion rate, as you are more accurately targeting potential patients.

6. Always mention your practice location

Dentist practice location

While creating your Instagram page, make sure to fill out your practice address because a potential patient will only consider contacting you if you are in their city. Your followers will only comprise of your patients, your peers, and your colleagues. Unless you put out oral hygiene or creative dental content that your profile visitors will enjoy on their feed, it is highly unlikely that your followers will be people from other cities or countries.

7. Say more with the emoji language

Emoji used in bio description

Since there is a limit on the number of characters you can use in your bio, you can get creative with what you want to convey on your Instagram page. Since most people who are active on social media platforms understand the emoji language, you can substitute some words with emojis to say what you and your practice is all about.

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Building a presence on Instagram not only opens up an avenue for you and your practice to be discovered, but also to showcase yourself before your patient steps into your office to be wowed by your service. We hope you are able to pick up a few pointers from some of the best dentist instagram accounts mentioned above to deliver a modern experience that your patients deserve.

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