Powerful email marketing

Email is your most powerful marketing tool

Email marketing has been around since the early days of the web, and it remains one of the most powerful channels for promoting your practice. Study after study shows that email delivers the biggest bang for your advertising bucks - with one recent report pegging the return on your investment (ROI) at a jaw-dropping 4300%.

Of course, your practice is no ordinary business. You can’t let mass emails undermine your unique, personal relationship with every patient. You can’t violate the strict regulations around protected health information (PHI). And you can’t afford to convey a cheap or spammy appearance in your marketing materials. So where does that leave you?

Personalize your emails with NexHealth

Sending powerful, effective newsletters and marketing blasts is a snap with NexHealth. Your patients’ PHI is safe, because our software is fully HIPAA-compliant. And no tedious data entry is necessary - we’re fully integrated with your PMS, so everything is seamless.

Here’s an example of a newsletter you might send your patients:



This kind of email marketing gets results. 


It’s personalized

Sending out impersonal mass-communications is a surefire way to show patients that you don’t care. With NexHealth, you can personalize your campaigns with your patients at scale, from their first names to their addresses to their birthdays, and even the last time they came in for a visit!


It’s targeted

Want to send content that’s specialized for a certain demographic? You can limit your email blasts by age range, and other patient characteristics. You can even exclude patients who haven’t seen you in a while - or target them in particular.


Track your engagement

Now that you've sent a personalized and targeted newsletter, who's actually opening and reading your newsletter? NexHealth has your back.

Campaigns stats-1

NexHealth will give you comprehensive data on your open rate, read rate, and your click rate. You can download CSV files of your data and take action.

Turn online engagement into a real world appointment

Now that you’ve got your patient’s attention, what will you do with it? With NexHealth, turning online engagement into a real-world appointment is dead simple. Just drop your calendar availabilities into your emails, and let patients book with a few taps. (Learn more about online booking.)

It’s that simple! With NexHealth, you get the simple, secure, and professional email marketing solution your practice needs.





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