With Zocdoc’s new pricing model set to go in effect soon, if you’re a dentist or specialist, you could easily see $1,000s of additional costs each month. Many doctors use NexHealth and Zocdoc at the same time, but why? Read on to find out.

NexHealth and Zocdoc are both NYC-based, tech companies that give doctors the power to add online booking to their practice. But, that’s where the similarities end. With differences in business model, customizability, features, and price, read on to find out why there’s a growing number of practices using NexHealth.


Difference 1: Booking

Both, NexHealth and Zocdoc, allow doctors to add online booking to their practice, giving patients the power to book 24/7 and ensuring your practice’s calendar is full.

Zocdoc operates a Yelp-like, online marketplace where patients can search for doctors. When patients search for a doctor, they see a list of doctors who meet their criteria (typically with a “sponsored doctor” listed at the top). Patients must create an account with Zocdoc and can then book an appointment online. Zocdoc’s primary focus and differentiator is offering their doctors a third-party, Yelp-like website to attract new patients.

NexHealth, on the other hand, works to empower its doctors to build and optimize their own online presence instead of relying on a third-party marketplace like Zocdoc. For example, NexHealth offers real-time online booking just like Zocdoc. However, instead of operating its own third-party marketplace, NexHealth powers online booking on Google, Yelp, Facebook and its customers’ websites. NexHealth also drives 5-star reviews to Google, Yelp, and Facebook. With positive reviews, when people google “dentist near me”, they see your practice on top and are then able to book an appointment without ever leaving Google.

In summary, ZocDoc operates a Yelp-like marketplace that you can get new patients from. NexHealth, on the hand, empowers your own online presence (via Google, Yelp, Facebook, your website etc.) that you own and operate to get new patients.

Difference 2: Features

Zocdoc is a Yelp-like marketplace offering only one feature for practices – online booking.

NexHealth is an all-in-one platform built to empower doctors to acquire new patients, retain their existing patients, all while giving their patients a modern digital experience. In addition to online booking, NexHealth also handles all your practice communication needs like reminder confirmationsrecallsemail blasts, and two-way text messaging.

NexHealth also takes your practice one step further by offering text/email based billing. In other words, with NexHealth, you’re acquiring new patients, retaining your existing patient base, and giving your patients a true modern 21st century experience.

Difference 3: Price

In New York (and many other states), Zocdoc is implementing a pay-per-patient model. Under this model, dentists and other specialists will be charged $110 per new patient. Additionally, some practices pay more to be listed as a “sponsored doctor” at the top of the patient’s search.

NexHealth charges a flat, monthly fee that includes every service. For online bookingtext message remindersemail marketingreviews, and more services added everyday, NexHealth charges about $15 per day.


The bottom line

NexHealth and Zocdoc are both helping doctors operate in the digital age. Zocdoc runs a Yelp-like site for patients and doctors. NexHealth, on the other hand, empowers doctors to run thriving businesses by powering their own online and offline presence. This includes driving 5 star reviews to their Google, Yelp, and Facebook profiles so that they come up higher in search results. NexHealth then powers online booking from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and their own website to easily convert visitors into paying patients while maintaining their own brand.

In addition, NexHealth simplifies its customers patient communication and marketing by offering features like reminder confirmationsrecallstwo-way texting, and more. NexHealth would not be complete without giving patients a good billing experience, so NexHealth also offers text/email based billing where patients can pay directly from their smartphones. NexHealth’s all-in-one platform – online booking, communications, and payments – help doctors run a 21st century practice.

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