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Patient Cancellations, NexHealth Forms Auto-Sync Customization, Appointment Journeys Template Copying, and More

For our September Product Update, we have three new features to make it even easier to customize NexHealth’s patient experience platform and improve the scheduling experience for your patients: 

  • Patient Cancellations 
  • NexHealth Forms Sync Customization
  • Appointment Journeys Template Copying 

Patient Cancellations

Practices can now choose to let patients cancel their appointments directly from a NexHealth Reminder or an Appointment Request. Patients will value the ability to easily update appointment bookings, and this will lead to fewer office calls, text messages, and no shows.

Once a patient cancels, your office will be notified via an email and Dashboard notification, and the appointment will be canceled out of your health record system automatically.

This feature is turned off by default. To activate Patient Cancellations, take the following steps:

  1. Verify your health record system is eligible. You will need: Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Dentrix Ascend, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Denticon, eClinicalWorks, or Dolphin.
  2. Visit the Setup tab
  3. Click on Appointment Types
  4. Either edit an existing Appointment Type, or create a new Appointment Type
  5. You’ll now have the option to toggle on “Allow patient to cancel appointment”

NexHealth Forms Customization Update

NexHealth Forms now offers flexibility in auto-updating patient paperwork into your Health Record System. 

Practices have the flexibility to auto-sync just existing patient forms instead of all patient forms. This allows office staff to thoroughly check new patient paperwork before syncing.

Appointment Journeys Template Copying

Updating or adding to your Templates for Appointment Journeys just got easier. You can now copy the customization in an existing sequence in Templates to a new sequence – meaning that you no longer need to start from scratch for each appointment type. 

New NexHealth Customer Support Site

We have launched a new and improved support site to help your practice find NexHealth resources quickly and easily. We’ll be adding self-help resources here to help your practice get the most out of NexHealth’s patient experience platform. 

Of course, you can always reach out to our support team at [email protected] with any questions. 

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