You probably have a budget for patient acquisition, and that’s a good thing. Your practice depends on a steady stream of new business – whether it comes from flashy platforms like Yelp and ZocDoc or via old-fashioned marketing efforts like paper mailers. But did you know that finding a new patient is up to 25 times more expensive than retaining an old one? Financially speaking, trying to attract new patients while neglecting your existing relationships is crazy.

So what does patient retention look like for a smart, modern practice? It’s not enough to send a postcard and hope patients find the time to call you. (Postcard response rates are low for a reason.) And asking your office staff to squeeze manual phone outreach into their daily responsibilities is both inefficient and a drain on morale.


The effortless solution: automated digital recalls

With NexHealth, you can deliver a seamless recall experience that keeps patients coming back – with zero manual labor for your staff. Based on your customization, your patients automatically receive a digital recall email or text like this:

The patient sees your upcoming availability in a glance, and books their next appointment with a few taps. (Learn more about online booking with NexHealth.)

The whole experience is effortless for your practice. And because patients can book their appointments directly from the email or text, you’ll see a significant increase in follow-up bookings.

Why this works so well: 3 reasons

Automated digital reminders are a no-brainer for every practice. Here are the big three benefits to your practice:

  1. It saves time. Unlike phone calls or other manual outreach efforts, digital recalls are fully automated. Just turn on NexHealth and watch your retention rates spike.
  2. Patients love it. It’s not enough to deliver great care in the office. If you want patients to come back, make it convenient for them with a friendly, streamlined recall experience where they can book their appointment directly from the email.
  3. It’s customized. Your digital recalls carry your practice’s unique personality. They address your patients by name, and you can send as many or as few as you like. When your patients feel that personal connection, they become more loyal to your practice

In other words, digital recalls are a win-win. They create happier patients, stronger relationships, and better revenue for your practice.

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