Reach patients instantly with two-way messaging

Stuck in the phone era? Your patients are moving on

Phone calls just don’t work for patients. Let’s consider what happens when your team calls a patient:

First, the patients receives a call from an unknown number. Perhaps that’s why they don’t answer - or maybe they’re just at work, without the time (or privacy) to take a live call. So your office staff leaves a voicemail, which the patient doesn’t hear until your office is closed. The ensuing game of phone tag can take days or weeks to play out. And if the patient gives up, you might never see them again.

Phone calls aren’t just frustrating for everyone involved. They’re a waste of crucial resources for your practice.

Unleash two-way messaging & keep patients engaged

Everyone texts. Text messaging (aka SMS) is the most universal and modern communication tool, and it’s preferred by nearly everyone. With two-way text messaging from NexHealth, your practice can finally meet patients where they are. That means better patient engagement, more appointments booked, and healthier revenue.

So how does it work? 

For the patient, no app or special software is necessary. They send you a normal SMS, just like they would send a friend:



And because NexHealth is fully integrated with your PMS, we know exactly which patient is texting you and label the conversations appropriately. It’s seamless and completely automated.

Why this works so well: 3 reasons

Businesses are just beginning to get comfortable with text messaging. But it’s proving so powerful and effective that adoption is skyrocketing among healthcare providers. Just consider the benefits:


  1. It cuts through the noise. Only 20-30% of emails are opened. But a jaw-dropping 98% of all text messages are opened. And 90% are read within 3 seconds. If you want patients’ attention, this is how you get it.
  2. It’s lightning-fast (and discreet). Busy patients don’t have 10 minutes for a call, but firing off a text only takes a few seconds. It’s also a huge benefit for patients who don’t have the privacy at work to make sensitive calls.
  3. It saves staff time. Your team is busy, too. Replacing tedious games of phone tag with quick bursts of rapid SMS communication is highly efficient, and frees up your staff to deal with more important things - like attending to patients in your office.

Two-way messaging might seem like a nice amenity to offer patients, a competitive advantage to distinguish your practice, or a tidy efficiency gain for your bottom line. It’s all of those things. And that’s why SMS is quickly becoming an essential tool for modern practices. Once you adopt it, you’ll never look back.






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