The team at NexHealth is constantly working on improvements to our product. Our guiding philosophy when it comes to product development is to help our customers modernize their patient experience! Let’s take a look at our recent product updates for November.


Images now available with patient texting

Send attachments with patient messages.

Patients are now able to include images into their messaging when communicating with their office. This is great for collecting sensitive information such as insurance, payments, and more!


Bidirectional sync with DrChrono users

Now, we can automatically insert appointments into DrChrono without any manual input from your staff. This will allow you and your staff to keep information automatically synced, at all times.


Eaglesoft & Open Dental users can now use patient forms

Now, all Eaglesoft and Open Dental users can use custom patient forms to gather all the sensitive information needed before the patient arrives for their appointment. This includes consent and health history. We bidirectionally sync with Eaglesoft and Open Dental for ease-of-use and are optimized for mobile use!


Facebook Pixel integration

In addition to Google analytics, with Facebook pixel integration now available, you will be able to track and retarget existing patients more efficiently with Facebook and your website! You will be able to create better and more cost-effective Facebook ads, all while familiarizing yourself with your patients’ online behavior. This is a must-have for all practices when it comes to marketing.

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