• 240 locations onboarded in 5 months
  • 0 downtime with the NexHealth platform
  • Integration with Denticon & Dentrix Enterprise

Mid-Atlantic’s goal is to deliver quality services alongside dentists who put patients first. They support 240 practice locations today with finding local customers, implementing the latest dental technology, recruiting practice personnel, and managing finances.

Challenges with multiple vendors

Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners was using four different software providers to manage the patient experience. None of the systems supported real-time bidirectional integration with Denticon and Dentrix Enterprise, Mid-Atlantic’s practice management software. And all had poor support.

According to Lori Mixon, Mid-Atlantic’s Vice President of Marketing, the platforms lacked enterprise ready capabilities, and Mid-Atlantic struggled to work with their customer success teams.

So they took matters into their own hands and tried building their own software. That didn’t work, either. “We tried to replicate a NexHealth-like all-in-one platform in-house,” says Mixon, but the team realized it would take many developers to build a product that already existed. “We would have spent more money on a solution that didn’t work versus something already proven to have a high-ROI.”

The value of a single platform 

The patchwork of software wasn’t working, and building their own in-house solution didn’t work either, so they turned to NexHealth. Mid-Atlantic was attracted to NexHealth’s single, practice management software integrated platform that digitizes the entire patient experience end-to-end, combining online scheduling, forms, payments, patient communication and more. Having a single platform for all its practices would also create efficiencies and save on total cost.

“NexHealth proved the value of partnering with best-in-class solutions,” said Mixon. “The NexHealth platform provides an all-in-one service that is easy to use while deeply integrated with Denticon, alleviating concerns about data duplication or errors. The depth and reliability of NexHealth’s integrations is a big step up for us.”

Digitizing the patient experience for 240 locations

The NexHealth team was able to onboard 240 locations in five months, providing 1-to-1 onboarding for each location. Now, Mid-Atlantic relies on NexHealth across their portfolio of practices, providing visibility into each practice and unifying the patient experience across all their practices. As Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners expands, NexHealth’s features keep up with the pace, replacing manual workflows with automated solutions.

Patients are increasingly expecting a modern scheduling and communication experience. Features like online scheduling have been a driver of new patients to practices within the Mid-Atlantic group. Mid-Atlantic benefits from NexHealth’s reliability, experiencing zero downtime since the NexHealth system went live.

With NexHealth as a partner, Mid-Atlantic has ambitions to expand to more than 1,000 locations in the next few years. They know NexHealth can scale with their needs, so they can help dentists provide world-class care.


NexHealth proved the value of partnering with best-in-class solutions.

We worked with several other vendors for point solutions, but the NexHealth platform provides an all-in-one service that is easy to use while deeply integrated with PMS systems.

– Lori Mixon, VP Marketing at Mid Atlantic

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