Make Collection a Breeze with Text Message Patient Billing

Text and Email Patients Bills

With online payments from NexHealth, billing is 10X more effective than paper mailings. Old-fashioned paper billing is a relic from a bygone era. It’s just too inconvenient, confusing, and slow for your digital-era dental patients. When you make payments as simple as a text message with NexHealth, you’ll see the improvement overnight! 

 Here's what patients see on their email:

Gmail payments

Notice that it’s crystal clear and easy to read. You can send it via both email and text message, so your patient is sure to see it.


Here's what it looks like on text message: 

Phone payments gif


Now, the patient just enters their credit card details and completes the payment instantly. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. With simple billing from NexHealth, 80% of patients pay within 10 business days.





Why this works so well: 3 reasons

Here’s the key thing to understand about unpaid bills: Most of them aren’t due to cynical or dishonest patients. They’re due to confusion and inconvenience. 

After all, patients lead busy lives. They do their most important business online, from banking and mortgage payments to travel booking and retail shopping. It’s all too easy to overlook or discard a bill from your office - especially when it arrives several weeks after the visit, among cryptic EOB mailings from their insurer.

With instant payments from NexHealth, you’ll bring your office’s payment system up to 21st century standards - and the results will speak for themselves. With online billing… 

    1. You cut through the noise. Patients sometimes ignore or forget paper mail, but sending a bill via email and SMS (which has an astonishing 98% read rate) ensures that you get their attention.
    2. You make payment convenient. Writing out a personal check? Finding a stamped envelope? These may not seem like big obstacles, but they add up overtime. That’s why Amazon built one-click buying. The smoother you make your payment process, the more money rolls in. It’s actually that simple.
    3. Patients love it. A more convenient billing experience isn’t just good for your bottom line - it’s good for your patient relationships. Online billing is just catching on among healthcare providers. What better way to distinguish yourself from competitors and appeal to a young, tech-savvy patient base?

Instant payments is another win-win for your practice and your patients. It’s one of the fastest ways to start bringing in more revenue and retaining more business. And by delivering a simple, high-touch experience your patients love, you’re investing in relationships for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about how to capitalize this opportunity, feel free to reach out and schedule a demo today with one of our specialists!






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