New year, new product features!

Every month, your team at NexHealth takes your feedback and strives to make improvements that will help your practice thrive. For the month of January, we focused on improving patient experience ratings and updated our reminder response notifications to help strengthen communication between you and your practice.

With these new features implemented, managing patient activity will become a breeze and you will begin to notice a smooth operational workflow within your healthcare practice. When it comes to your patients, NexHealth is here to help.


Reminder response

We’ve updated our reminder response.

Now, you can take a deeper dive into your patient’s activity with reminder response notifications! Our previous version carried basic fields to let you know if a patient’s response has been either “confirmed,”  “pending,” or “canceled.” We’ve now added new fields to help let you know who needs love! A few of the new fields include, “confirmed by office,” “sent reminder,” “no response yet,” and “reminder pending.” This will allow you and your staff to stay on top of your patients in an organized approach. When you click on the name of the patient, you can look deeper into the patient’s activity. We are excited to roll out this new feature and hope to solve the complications surrounding patient activity management.


NPS support

We now support Net Promoter Score (NPS).

For the month of January, we aimed to get closer toward bridging the gap between doctors and patients. The team has now added Net Promoter Scores! Every practice can now keep track of their patient satisfaction with a simple NPS score that you can rally the whole team behind. If you choose to use this new feature, please notify our customer success team and they will be happy to guide you through the process. Click here to learn more about NPS scores!

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