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Introducing NexHealth Talk

NexHealth has partnered with GoTo Connect (formerly Jive) to deliver a new online phone solution: NexHealth Talk

NexHealth Talk customers will save time and create immediate connections with patients with Caller ID Pop Up, Click-to-Call from the NexHealth Dashboard, and Texting from the Office Number.

A fully-integrated phone solution for connecting with patients

Phone systems today provide basic caller ID but leave out crucial information for healthcare practices such as patient demographic details, medical history, and appointment timing. 

Having NexHealth Talk means you have a fully integrated phone system that surfaces patient health record data as the patient calls–giving practices clarity, context, and a better conversation with the patient.

NexHealth Talk reads your health record systems in real-time. That means when a call comes in, NexHealth can identify who the patient is, share their past and future appointment history, and even surface helpful information from digital forms–all before you accept a call. 

Run your practice from the NexHealth Dashboard

Office staff can now live in the NexHealth Dashboard, viewing patient information for incoming calls, texting a patient back, and calling patients.

With Call Pop Up, office staff can see the full profile of the patient before picking up the phone.



Click-to-Call saves your office staff time by eliminating the need to track down patient information and dial a phone– just open the patient profile in NexHealth and click on the patient’s phone number to start a call. 


And with Texting from the Office Number, patients can find your business information on a website or through Google Reviews and instantly text a practice. Anyone in the NexHealth dashboard can answer the text, so doctors and office staff don’t have to text patients from their personal devices.


How to Get NexHealth Talk 

NexHealth Talk will be available to NexHealth customers early 2023 of this year. 

We will be offering competitive pricing for all our customers. If you are interested in NexHealth Talk, visit the Talk product page and enter your email to be notified when Talk is available for your practice. 

NexHealth customers on the “Delight” package who are already using GoTo Connect may be eligible for a free add-on of NexHealth Talk. If you are curious if you qualify, fill in your information, and we’ll follow up with your eligibility.

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