Managing a practice is hard.

Let’s face it, growing your practice can be difficult when handling multiple patients.

On top of delivering exceptional patient care, you have to manage the business side of your practice in an ever-evolving climate. In today’s world, patients are connecting with their doctors in new ways than ever before. Thanks to technology, patients are now able to connect with their Dentist in more ways than one. The smart approach would be to take advantage of your community and website traffic.

Want to know how many new patients are visiting your website Curious to see how many followers do you have on Facebook? How many likes did your most recent photo get?

Much like the health of a patient, it’s important to know the health of your practice so that you can make corrections and the right decisions when necessary.  So the question rises, how healthy is your practice? What about online web traffic? How can I take advantage of my traffic once I find out?

To answer these questions, we created the Patient Grader report!

With Patient Grader, you receive a free, custom report that provides deep insight into the state of your online presence. Online presence is a huge piece of the puzzle when trying to grow your practice for more than one reason. This is your chance to take advantage of information that leads to better decision-making. With your custom report, you can learn just how many visitors you’re getting on your web properties and receive tailored advice to help grow your online presence.

Now, it’s easy to diagnose your practice.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how NexHealth can help your business scale!

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