Get More Patients with Online Booking

Are you losing patients at a critical moment?

If you already have a beautiful website for your dental practice and you’re spending marketing dollars on SEO, Yelp, Facebook, and Google, you are probably getting plenty of traffic to your website and social media profiles. In other words, you’re making it easy for patients find you - and that’s great. But it’s not enough for patients to find you. You’ve spent money and energy getting their attention. If you want them to take that last crucial step, you have to make appointment-booking simple.


How to turn web traffic into real appointments!

With NexHealth, patients can see your availability and book online with a few taps - no phone calls necessary. This makes the entire patient journey smooth and seamless, from discovering your practice to stepping through the door.

So how does it work? Just let NexHealth install a bright, clear booking button on your website. It looks like this:


Booking buttons-2


For even more traction, we can put the same button on your Yelp profile, Facebook page, and Google+ profile. Don’t worry - you don’t need any technical knowledge. Just work with our expert team, and we’ll make the whole process simple.


Facebook button


Just like that, the patient can see your upcoming availabilities:




They choose a time that works for them, and schedule their own appointment instantly. After booking, the patient automatically receives a confirmation email with their visit details.

We even send the patients an automated email and text message reminder, to make sure they remember their visit. (Learn why NexHealth digital reminders are so effective.)

From beginning to end, the whole scheduling process takes just a few minutes. It’s available 24/7 - even when your office is closed - and makes phone calls completely unnecessary. That speed and convenience is how you attract new patients and get them in your door.




Why NexHealth works so well: 3 reasons

Scheduling appointments the old-fashioned way just isn’t convenient for patients or providers. That’s why online booking is growing so quickly. Consider the benefits:

  1. Patients love it. The 21st century is defined by digital convenience. If you want to delight patients, make appointment scheduling as easy as buying new shoes on Amazon or booking a flight on Expedia. That high-touch experience attracts tech-savvy young patients, and sets you apart from old-fashioned competitors.
  2. It’s effortless. Why play phone tag with patients when there’s a painless, digital solution available? Every appointment booked online frees up your staff for more important responsibilities - like giving patients in the office an outstanding experience.
  3. It works 24/7. With online booking, patients can schedule their appointment during weekends, lunch breaks, nights, and holidays. You capture appointments that would have otherwise been lost - and just as important, you’re there for patients when they really need you. Online booking strengthens revenue and your relationships alike.


Online scheduling is the fastest, simplest way to smooth out your patients’ healthcare journey. That's why NexHealth is the go-to solution for practices to book more patients online. This leads to happier patients, stronger relationships, and higher revenue for your practice.





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