Listening to dental marketing podcasts is a great way to dip your feet into the business side of running a dental practice. Some of the top dental podcasts on the internet today are either run by dentists or dental marketing consultants who have helped dental practitioners acquire new patients and run a successful practice.

In this article, we are going to unravel the different aspects of a dental marketing podcast that the audience enjoys and introduce you to some of the best dental podcasts that you can listen to.

Let’s jump right in and explore what it takes to make a great dental marketing podcast.

6 elements of a great dental marketing podcast

There are many dental marketing influencers and dentists with podcasts that can tell you how to run a successful practice, but only a few have managed to set themselves apart from the crowd. Let us look at what the common threads are between the popular dental marketing podcasts that have managed to build a large fan base:

  • A clear vision for an episode: Each episode talks about a specific topic without deviating too much from the point.
  • Stick to the theme: The audience of a dental marketing podcast is only looking for ways to run a successful dental practice, marketing tips, and other related dental topics.
  • 2-3 key takeaways: When the audience is left with a few actionable insights that they can immediately implement in their practice, they will come back for more.
  • Case studies: Real-life examples and success stories help your audience draw parallels with their practice and see real-life applications.
  • Reputable guests: Having guests like dental practitioners adds value to a podcast, while also increasing authority of the podcast in the space. This also helps in expanding your podcast’s reach into their network.
  • Inspire your audience: A dental marketing podcast audience is not just looking to learn about marketing strategies, but also wants to be inspired and told that they too can build a successful business.

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7 best dental podcasts for marketing to – and converting – new patients

1. The Dental Business Podcast

The Dental Business Podcast

Image Credit: The Dental Business Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/week
Host: Brad Thornton

If you are looking to learn about all aspects of the dental business, from marketing and branding to leadership and wealth creation, then The Dental Business Podcast is a great place to get started. Whether you are struggling with running a profitable practice or looking to motivate your team to build a successful practice, you are guaranteed to find the answers that you were looking for.

2. The Dental Marketer

The Dental Marketer podcast

Image Credit: The Dental Marketer

Frequency: 1 post/week
Host: Michael Arias

The Dental Marketer is hosted by Michael Arias, who has helped hundreds of dentists effectively market their practice by cutting through the noise to find the best approach that fits their budget and preferences. In his podcast, he talks about his Ground Marketing course, which helps dental practices understand the basics of running outdoor promotional events and campaigns to acquire new patients and grow their practice.

3. The Thriving Dentist Show

The Thriving Dentist Show podcast

Image Credit: The Thriving Dentist Show

Frequency: 3 posts/month
Host: Gary Takacs

Growth and marketing expert Gary Takacs guides dental practice owners and dentists in creating a profitable practice to become financially independent. He talks through various topics that include metrics to build a thriving practice, a healthy office culture, and constantly keeping up to date with the industry.

4. Bulletproof Dental Practice

Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast

Image Credit: Bulletproof Dental Practice

Frequency: 3 posts/month
Host: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

The Bulletproof Dental Practice talks about the paradigm shift that the dental business has seen in the last few years and how it is no longer just about how good of a dentist you are. You’ll be able to find content about how to build a resilient practice to be able to survive in this ever-changing world that caters to your patients.

5. The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

The Dental Practice Heroes podcast

Image Credit: The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Frequency: 6 posts/month
Host: Dr. Paul Etchison

With a plethora of easy-to-implement strategies that you can almost immediately apply to your dental practice, The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast caters to dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and your front office staff. You can find content about entrepreneurship and building a happy and healthy practice culture that is conducive to your practice in order to grow.

6. Dental Marketing Secrets

Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast

Image Credit: Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast

Frequency: 2 posts/month
Host: Mark Thackeray

Dental Marketing Secrets uncovers proven advertising strategies like Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, live events, education-based campaigns, community outreach, referrals, and reviews. On each episode, the host makes sure to leave you with 2 to3 helpful tips that you can apply right away to grow your practice.

7. The Millennial DentistThe Millennial Dentist podcast

Image Credit: The Millennial Dentist Podcast

Frequency: 1 posts/month
Host: Dr. Sully and Dr. Peyman

The Millennial Dentist caters to young dental professionals who are looking to start their practice and learn from their peers about what it takes to exceed patient expectations. In their podcast, you can find plenty of content that focuses on things that were not taught in dentistry school, what it takes to enjoy their work, and being able to take more time off.

4 best dental marketing podcasts for engaging with and retaining existing patients

If you are looking for marketing tips to take your dental practice to the next level of success, or ideas and strategies that you may not have tried yet, then the following dental marketing podcasts can help you with patient engagement and retention.

1. Your Dental Success

Your Dental Success podcast

Image Credit: Your Dental Success

Frequency: 1 post/month
Host: The Dental Boost

Mike Pedersen, the host of Your Dental Success, talks about strategies that dentists and orthodontists use to bring in new patients and revenue to create a thriving practice. If concepts like SEO, content marketing, and Google Ads sound alien to you, then Your Dental Success has it all broken down for a non-technical user to understand easily.

2. Buzz Dental

Buzz Dental Marketing Show

Image Credit: Buzz Dental Marketing Show

Frequency: 2 posts/month
Host: Brad Newman

Buzz Dental is a digital marketing show for the dental community. If you are looking to find solutions to take your dental practice to the next level, then check out this podcast, which covers a range of topics and marketing strategies.

3. The Social Dentist

The Social Dentist with Dr. Yazdan

Image Credit: The Social Dentist with Dr. Yazdan

Frequency: 4 posts/month
Host: Dr. Desiree Yazdan

California-based cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yazdan, talks about the marriage of the healthcare industry with social media to maximize your business in her podcast, The Social Dentist. With more than 200K followers on Instagram, you can learn more about building a following for your practice and creating engaging and useful content for your audience to consume.

4. Dental Marketing Mastermind

dental marketing mastermind

Image Credit: Dental Marketing Mastermind

Frequency: 1 post/month
Host: Zara Basiri

The Dental Marketing Mastermind is hosted by Zara Basiri, a digital marketing consultant and a former Dental nurse and Treatment Plan Coordinator who shares timeless insights that can help you build a highly profitable dental practice. With a complete understanding of the dental practice as an insider, the Dental Marketing Mastermind is sure to leave you with ready-to-implement strategies.

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