Acquiring – and keeping – dental patients in today’s market requires effective dental marketing online. To learn the best strategies, you’ll need to rely on others in the industry. Dental marketing blogs are a great resource for learning industry best practices to help you reach out to your prospective patients.

In this article, we will take you through some of the best dental marketing blogs that you can refer to, whether you are looking to grow your practice or engage with your patients.

Let us start by understanding what you want from a dental marketing blog and then checking out some of the top dental marketing blogs that exist on the internet today.

What to look for in a dental marketing blog

Any good dental marketing blog will provide a reliable source of information to help you run your dental practice marketing initiatives. They should help you improve your practice, reach more potential customers, and capitalize on those interactions. Below, we cover what to look for in a good dental marketing blog:

  • Solution-driven content: Dental practices first research blogs that can give them actionable insights that their team can try and apply to their practice on their own. This content needs to provide valuable information and guide the reader through how they can leverage these strategies and methods for themselves.
  • Up-to-date content: Dental practices rely on marketing blogs to get up-to-date information about the latest trends, market changes, and social media best practices to perfect their practice’s online presence.
  • Consistency: Consistency in production and messaging are important factors when choosing a good dental blog to rely on. A blog that posts regularly is more likely to be consistently valuable than one that posts infrequently and inconsistently.
  • Original research & case studies: Case studies and research offer real, tested examples of dental marketing initiatives, and their outcomes. These help significantly with both planning and executing your own dental marketing strategies.
  • Different mediums to consume content: Ideally, a dental marketing blog should help you with a range of strategies, including marketing your dental website, dental social media marketing, and email newsletters for dental patients. Ultimately, this will inform your entire dental marketing strategy and help you in each individual area.
  • Leveraging existing tools: Most practices that are looking to build a strong online presence may already be using an appointment scheduling tool or reputation management software. Finding content that allows them to get more out of these softwares can be extremely valuable.

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7 best dental marketing blogs for acquiring new patients and growing your practice

When you are in growth mode and are looking to acquire new patients, investing your time and resources in building an online presence and outreach can help significantly. But if you have no idea where to begin, then the following dental marketing blogs can give you a jumpstart:

1. NexHealth

NexHealth patient experience and acquisition solution

Frequency: 1 post/week

As a leading patient experience and practice management provider, NexHealth offers high-quality, reliable dental marketing content that you can use to acquire new patients and grow your practice. With ‘how to’ guides, strategies and methods, tips and tricks, and more, you’ll learn everything you need to be able to grow your practice and increase conversions.

2. Hi5 Practice

Hi5 Practice blog

Frequency: 1 post/week

Hi5 Practice’s blog is focused on perfecting your dental marketing efforts, improving patient communication. Overall, this helps with patient acquisition and retention so that you can grow your practice and run it efficiently. A recurring feature of their blog are the “Let’s E.A.T.” podcasts, where host Abbey discussed dental marketing strategies and examples with guests.

3. The Dental Marketer

The Dental Marketer blog

Image Credit: The Dental Marketer

Frequency: 1 post/week

On The Dental Marketer, you will find podcasts and blogs specifically tailored to dental practices who are looking to grow their business and understand the ropes of digital marketing that can be applied to their business. Along with these free resources, you can also sign up for their dental marketing course called Ground Marketing, which is designed to help you attract and engage with your community through outdoor events and promotional activities

4. The Creative Composite

The Creative Composite blog

Image Credit: The Creative Composite

Frequency: 3 posts/month

The Creative Composite blog is one of the best dental marketing resources that you can find to learn about influencer marketing, SEO tips to bring in new patients, and strategies for creating digital assets to grow your practice. You can also find content about leadership, your professional growth, and the latest in dental technology.

5. DentalROI

Frequency: 2 posts/month

Dental ROI has some great resources that can help you and your team better understand dental marketing, get tips and tools to grow your practice, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. You will also be able to find information that is specific to DSOs, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists.

6. Smile Marketing

Smile Marketing blog

Image Credit: Smile Marketing

Frequency: 2 posts/month

On the Smile Marketing blog, you can find dental marketing articles along with other topics such as reputation management, paid traffic, and leveraging social media for acquiring new patients. You can also subscribe to their blog to get their latest posts delivered straight to your inbox.

7. Geek Dental Marketing

The Geek Dental Marketing blog

Image Credit: Geek Dental Marketing

Frequency: 1 post/month

If you are looking for some tips and inspiration to attract new patients to your dental startup, then the Geek Dental Marketing blog is a great place to start. You can find content on branding your dental practice, best SEO strategies, video production, and other topics that can help your dental practice garner attention and draw conversions.

4 top dental marketing blogs for engaging existing patients

Interacting with your existing patients is just as important as attracting new patients, as it will help you develop relationships with your patients and fosters loyalty. The following dental marketing blogs are best for engaging with existing patients, allowing you to improve your patient retention:

1. Delmain

Delmain blog

Image Credit: Delmain

Frequency: 2 posts/month

Delmain’s dental marketing blog has four main categories to help you find exactly what you need: web design, SEO & paid advertising, content & social media, and practice growth. If you are struggling with patient engagement and are looking for some inspiration and ideas that you can try out for your practice, you’ll find plenty on Delmain. 

2. The Wonder Blog

Frequency: 1 post/month

As the name suggests, The Wonder Blog not only has some great content about dental marketing, social media, and website design, but also some intriguing content about building a great practice culture.

3. Roadside Dental Marketing

Roadside Dental Marketing blog

Image Credit: Roadside Dental Marketing

Frequency: 2 posts/month

The Roadside Dental Marketing blog has a ton of great content in the form of videos (YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV), articles, and podcasts (Spotify and iTunes). Along with tips, ideas, and dental SEO strategies, you can find DIY and ‘how to’ resources that let you and your team get your hands dirty before reaching out to a marketing agency.

4. Firegang

Frequency: 2 posts/month

The Firegang blog is focused on all things dental marketing, such as Facebook advertising, SEO, Google Maps optimization, and website design. On their blog, you can also find success stories of Firegang clients who have grown their business 10x and read in detail about their challenges and how they overcame them.

5 best dental marketing blogs to reach out to patients

Finding and placing yourself in front of the right audience online is not easy, but it can significantly impact how well you convert on opportunities. The following dental marketing blogs can give you direction and tips that can be implement by your practice:

1. The Aim Web Log

Frequency: 1 post/month

The Aim Web Log contains blog posts, interviews, and events that AIM Dental Marketing participates in. With targeted content on increasing your practice ROI and earning your patients’ trust, you can check out their ‘Marketing Insider’ series of posts for tips to test on your practice.

2. Big Buzz

Frequency: 5 post/month

The Big Buzz has no dearth of dental marketing content on its blog. You can find case studies, interviews, guest blogs, guides, surveys, and downloadable material that visitors can access for free.

3. My Social Practice

Frequency: 3 posts/month

With the aim to turn your dental practice into a success in the social media space, My Social Practice has a plethora of information on all things related to dental social media marketing. Whether you are looking for website design ideas for your dental practice or checking out what your competitors are doing, My Social Practice has it all.

4. Dental Marketing Guy

Frequency: 2 posts/month

The Dental Marketing Guy blog has actionable blog posts that can help you improve your online presence and cast your net to a broader audience. Along with articles, you can also find videos attached to articles helping you choose the best way to absorb their advice.

5. David Schwab

Frequency: 2 posts/month

With over 30 different categories, David Schwab’s dental marketing blog has more than just patient engagement and lead generation type of content. Dentists can find very specific information regarding dental practice coaching, team motivation, training, and podcasts.

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