Dental blogs are a wonderful free resource to give you guidance on what you could do to improve your practice. You can find credible information, actionable items, and DIY hacks that your team can almost immediately start working on to give your practice the facelift that it deserves.

In this article, we will be looking at the different types of dental blogs that you can find today to give you a sense of direction about how to get started.

Let’s jump right in to get you equipped with the best resources to take your practice soaring to new heights.

What makes a dental blog stand out?

There are numerous dental blogs out there, but which one to follow? What is the type of content that you are expecting to see, learn from, and apply to your practice?

To help you sift through the noise and give you an idea of what it is that you should look for in a dental blog, the following key features are non-negotiable:

  • Linking to credible sources: A well-researched blog that points the reader to reliable data (such as a scientific journal or a government website) that can be verified by clicking on it.
  • Actionable solutions: A good dental blog will contain the exact answer or a DIY solution that readers can test out for themselves before consulting a professional.
  • Including more listicles: Listicles are easier to read than articles, since most readers skim through the content to find keywords related to the answer that they are looking for.
  • Consistency: If the blog that you follow puts out content regularly, you can be assured that the information that you are getting is up-to-date.
  • Variety of formats to consume content: A dental blog with videos, podcasts, and articles will cater to different audiences, ensuring a larger reach and different ways of digesting information.
  • Defined categories: A blog must look aesthetically pleasing and allow the users to navigate and find the information easily.

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6 best dental practice blogs for gaining new patients and growing your business

Dentistry is no longer only about how good of a dental practitioner you are, it is about how easily your patients can find you so that you can deliver the best-in-class digital patient experience. If you want to learn the ropes of social media, marketing automation tools, and online scheduling to grow your business, you can add the following blogs to your must-read list.

If you are specifically looking to learn about dental marketing, check out our longer curated selection of dental marketing blogs that can help you with that.

1. NexHealth


Frequency: 2 posts/week

Being one of the market leaders in delivering the best patient experience, you can find well-researched articles, white papers, and ultimate guides that can help you grow your practice. Along with this, you can also read success stories of dental practices who used NexHealth’s patient communication and marketing solution to acquire new patients each month.

2. The Dental Marketer

Frequency: 1 post/month

Dental Marketer brings fresh insight into building and marketing a successful dental practice. Along with the free resources (podcast and blog) available on the website, your team can also sign up for the Ground Marketing course which focuses on running outdoor promotional events and activities to attract and engage with your community.

3. My Social Practice

My Social Practice page

Image Credit: My Social Practice

Frequency: 1 post/week

Being an early pioneer in digital marketing for the dental industry, My SocialPractice has a plethora of information on all things social media marketing. In the blog section of MySocialPractice you’ll find actionable marketing ideas for your social media pages, and everything you need to know about all major social platforms to be able to leverage them to grow your practice.

4. DentalROI

Frequency: 2 posts/month

The Dental ROI blog has content that can help you and your team better understand dental marketing, get tips and tools to grow your practice, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends. If you are looking to find information specific to DSOs, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, or periodontists, the Dental ROI blog has got you covered.

5. Geek Dental Marketing

Geek Dental Marketing blog

Image Credit: Geek Dental Marketing

Frequency: 1 post/week

With the focus on building a great website to create a memorable first impression, Geek Dental Marketing has enough content to get you started. If you are looking to educate yourself about dental practice management, dental SEO, and how you can leverage social media to grow your practice, then you won’t be disappointed.

6. Smile Marketing

Frequency: 6 posts/year

The Smile Marketing blog covers all the major topics that you need to know about dental marketing including, SEO, social media, paid traffic, reputation management, and building a stellar dental website. You can also subscribe to the Smile Marketing newsletter to get all the latest posts delivered right to your inbox.

5 best dental blogs for dentists to improve practice management and experience

If you are looking to learn about building patient loyalty and ways to improve your day-to-day operations, the following dental blogs for dentists have some great ideas and industry best practices that you can implement immediately in your dental practice.

7. the floss by Opencare

The floss blog page

Image Credit: the floss by Opencare

Frequency: 1 post/week

The floss, which is the blog section of Opencare, caters to both dental practitioners and patients. Dental practitioners can find content about practice management, marketing, and billing, whereas patients can learn more about their oral hygiene.

8. Dental Practice Solutions

Frequency: 1 post/month

Dental Practice Solutions has productivity-boosting content that can help you run an efficient dental practice, thereby giving your patients the experience and care that they deserve. Along with articles, you can also find practice management training videos that can be accessed on YouTube as well.

9. Open Dental Blog

Open Dental Blog homepage

Image Credit: Open Dental Blog

Frequency: 2 posts/week

With a focus on practice management solutions, Open Dental Blog talks about branding and productivity hacks for your dental practice. They also have a running series on Tips & Tricks that takes a deep dive into one problem in each post and provides its readers with a detailed solution.

10. Heartland Dental Blog

Heartland Dental Blog home page

Image Credit: Heartland Dental Blog

Frequency: 2 posts/week

Heartland Dental Blog covers a wide array of topics that includes dental practice ownership, improving patient experience, and industry insights. Dentists, hygienists, and anyone working in the dental field who is looking to take their career to the next level can subscribe to their newsletter to gain an in-depth perspective about the industry.

11. Strategic Practice Solutions

Frequency: 1 post/month

The blog that you can find on Strategic Practice Solutions is categorized into 12 different headings that cater to those who work in the dental industry. You can find articles related to staffing, practice management, hygiene, success stories, training, and certifications among others.

4 best dental hygiene and care blogs

With a wide array of snackable content, dental hygiene blogs aim to grab their readers’ casual reading time. Here are some of the top dental hygiene blogs that you can find on the internet that carry quick dental care tips and hacks.

12. DentalAssociates Blog

Dental Associates Blog home page

Image Credit: DentalAssociates Blog

Frequency: 2 post/month

The DentalAssociates Blog carries educational content about oral health and hygiene. You will find content categorized based on the different dental specialties and more broad categories like oral health and wellness.

13. DentistryIQ

Frequency: 3 posts/week

DentistryIQ is a goldmine of information for all things dentistry. You can find articles, interviews, videos, and even sign up for courses to improve your practice and upskill yourself to become a better dental professional.

14. inspiredhygiene

Inspiredhygiene blog home page

Image Credit: inspiredhygiene

Frequency: 2 posts/month

The inspiredhygiene blog carries plenty of relevant content that can help you elevate your dental practice. As a coaching website, your team can pick up a lot of tips and ideas to overcome any shortfalls to improve your practice.

15. Queen of Dental Hygiene

Frequency: 1 post/month

Queen of Dental Hygiene caters to dental hygienists and readers who care about their oral health. In this dental hygiene blog, you find some valuable content on oral hygiene and maintenance, along with products that she recommends to provide the best care for your mouth.

5 best dental student blogs and dental news blogs to stay up-to-date on current trends

Following a dental hygiene student blog can be a great additional resource to support your education at school and keep you up-to-date with the trends and latest technology in the field. Check out the dental student blogs below that you ought to add to your reading list:

16. ASDA Blog

ASDA blog

Image Credit: ASDA Blog

Frequency: 1 post/week

If you are looking for a great dental student blog, the ASDA blog has some great content to prepare you for life after dental school. You can find articles on the latest in the field, career opportunities, events among other topics.

17. ADEA | American Dental Education Association

Frequency: 1 post/week

The blog in the ADEA website is an abundant resource for future dentists, hygienists, and other health profession advisors. Students can even submit articles to ADEA to build some recognition and open networking opportunities with peers and other established dental professionals in the field.

18. The Pre-Dental Guide

Frequency: 1 post/week

If you are considering dentistry as a career, then The Pre-Dental Guide has some great content that caters just to that need. You can find information on completing your application, what to expect in dental school, residency, and interview preparation tips in their blog.

19. Off the Cusp

Off the Cusp

Image Credit: Off the Cusp

Frequency: 1 post/week

Off the Cusp has the latest dental industry in dental technology, products, and trends by Patterson Dental that helps dental practitioners enhance their patient experience. You can also find articles on social media marketing, practice management, and human resources.

20. Dental Tribune

Frequency: 2 posts/week

The Dental Tribune is the world’s largest dental newspaper with chapters all over the world. You can find the latest news and developments in the field, webinars, and learning content from industry experts, and an online store to buy other international dental magazines.

4 top dental blogs for patients and their personal care

The top dental blogs that see the most traffic consistently post easy-to-follow oral and personal care content that contributes to your patients’ casual reading time. Check out the blogs listed below to see the type of content that they post that their users love to read:

21. Oral Health Foundation

Frequency: 1 post/week

The Oral Health Foundation carries some valuable pieces of content about oral health and wellness. As a dental professional, you can contribute to their blog to build a reputation for yourself and your practice.

22. Mouth Healthy

Mouth Healthy blog page

Image Credit: Mouth Healthy

Frequency: 1 post/week

Mouth Healthy is the oral health, wellness, and nutrition blog that is run by the American Dental Association(ADA). If you are a pediatric dentist, you can find activity sheets and lessons for your patients to educate themselves about the importance of oral health and thereby providing a memorable patient experience.

23. ask the dentist

Frequency: 1 post/week

Ask the dentist ranks as one of the best dental blogs for patients as you can find resources for dental procedures, pediatric dentistry, sleep, nutrition, and any questions that one may want to find the answer to before visiting the dentist. As a dental professional, you can join the Functional Dentist Locator which is a searchable directory that can help you reach out to more patients.

24. Dentistry Book

 Dentistry Book blog page

Image Credit: Dentistry Book

Frequency: 1 post/week

Dentistry Book is a one-stop dental health blog to learn about dental problems and their solutions. With a vast source of information on their website, you can find article topic ideas for your dental practice blog to see what users like to learn about.


Optimize your practice with NexHealth

Since most dental practices cannot afford to hire a coach or a marketing agency to help them with growing their practice and reputation management, dental blogs offer plenty of free information to get you started. While every solution that is out there on a dental blog may not work for you, when you and your team try out different things, you will understand the process and practical challenges firsthand.

Save yourself some reading and learn how NexHealth can improve your practice!

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