Redwood Dental of Utah uses NexHealth integration to streamline practice workflows

Specialty: General Dentistry

Locations: Providence, UT



As a local practice, Redwood Dental prides itself on implementing the most innovative technology. They work with a cloud-based dental practice management system (Dentrix Ascend), use the latest dental equipment, and offer emergency services. Owner Dr. Troy Walton sought a solution that streamlined patient communication so he could offer a fully digital patient experience.


With NexHealth, Redwood Dental sends automated payment requests to patients via text and email. Patients pay bills right away with a few taps on their smartphone, without the hassle of sending checks or calling the practice. Online payments save Dr. Walton and his staff hours of unnecessary phone calls and help them collect on overdue balances faster. 

“Integrating with Dentrix Ascend made it a perfect fit where nobody else in the market could fill that niche.” – Dr. Troy Walton, Dentist/Owner

Additionally, Dr. Walton and his staff send online forms for patients to complete before they enter the practice. Forms are completely customizable for new patient intake and existing patient updates. Patient information is automatically synced with Dentrix Ascend, so Redwood Dental can focus on what they do best – honest and transparent dental care.



Average monthly revenue from new patient cleanings

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