DSO witnesses 147% increase in appointment volume

Specialty: General Dentistry

Locations: 40 practices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire


The Challenge

Dr. Dental is a 40-location dental service organization that has catered to patients since 2005. Flat year-over-year growth attracted the attention of Sally Acosta, VP of Operations, who sought a patient experience solution to improve topline growth.

Ms. Acosta’s main goals were to increase yearly EBITDA, promote new services for orthodontics and oral surgery, and expand existing treatment plans. She ultimately sought a conversion-based solution that would help her achieve her company goals.

The Solution

With NexHealth, Dr. Dental has recovered 15% of their total revenue from recall and marketing campaigns. The real-time schedule is fully embedded in the text and email messages so patients can book their appointments directly. Marketing efforts are fully centralized, so Ms. Acosta sends campaigns for all 40 offices from a single platform.

The presence of two-way integrations was a critical requirement for Ms. Acosta. Any appointment booked with NexHealth is updated automatically in Dentrix Enterprise, reducing double bookings and minimizing manual errors. “NexHealth is just getting things done,” Ms. Acosta says. “All I have to do is check my notifications.”

We have so much traction; it’s insane. Patients can easily book appointments, and we see the actual revenue that comes with it.”

– Sally Acosta, Vice President of Operations




total appointments booked out to December 2021


increase in new appointments since NexHealth


average online rating (up from 4.0 before NexHealth)

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