Bethany Medical Clinic of New York increases bookings during the pandemic

Specialty: Multi-specialty

Locations: New York, NY (6)

Providers: 20



Bethany Medical Clinic of New York is a multi-specialty practice delivering high-value medical services. As the practice administrator of BMC, Asiye Bodur sought to expand the practice by attracting more patients to their six-city locations during the COVID-19 pandemic and utilized the NexHealth platform to offer real-time online patient scheduling and market new service offerings.


BMC of NY’s growth strategy is two-fold. First, the practice allows patients to book appointments by location, provider, and appointment type on their website and Google My Business profile. Since NexHealth integrates with MDLand, the practice’s EMR system, the schedule is always up-to-date. “It cuts down on manpower and time,” Asiye says, noting the improvement from using Zocdoc, which requires manual appointment changes.

“With NexHealth, I oversee and implement changes on my own schedule.”

– Asiye Bodur, Practice Administrator

Second, Asiye sends text and email marketing campaigns to patients to market new services, distribute educational content, and communicate practice updates and safety measures. With NexHealth, Asiye and her practice staff can send targeted communications and track email analytics for specific medical providers and locations.



Increase in bookings (Feb. 2020 – Apr. 2020)

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