NexHealth helps Grand Street Dental increase online bookings by 157%

Specialty: General Dentistry

Location: Williamsburg, New York



Located in the competitive New York market, Grand Street Dental partnered with NexHealth to help provide the best-in-class dental experience for their patients. They wanted to start the process by integrating separate booking systems and automating patient communication while uncovering new insights with patient satisfaction surveys.



Grand Street Dental leveraged the NexHealth Patient Experience Platform to offer real-time online booking, payments, two-way messaging, and marketing campaigns that resulted in more booking volume in just under one year.

“The benefits of using NexHealth is for certain the capability of keeping up with patients and appointments in this fast-paced NYC we live in. We are able to really connect with our clients and keep our conversations documented.”

Krislyn R., Office Manager

Additionally, they saw a significant increase in booking requests and streamlined office tasks with automated appointment reminders sent to patients via SMS text and email. Finally, Grand Street Dental kept their operatories full with the ASAP List, a feature that automatically engages patients on a waitlist to fill open appointment slots.




increase in appointments requested online


increase in appointment reminders sent


increase in overall patient volume

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