East coast pharmacy taps NexHealth to schedule COVID vaccinations

Specialty: Pharmaceuticals

Locations: Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont



TOPS Friendly Markets is a century-old market and pharmacy located in the Northeast. In 2021, they began offering COVID-19 vaccines at their on-site clinics, and all locations mobilized to meet increasing patient demand. Jamie Keller, a TOPS Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Pennsylvania, was concerned: how can we increase vaccine appointments and properly track our inventory?



NexHealth improved COVID vaccine administration with patient self-scheduling, automated appointment reminders, and digitized forms. With a readily available vaccination schedule, TOPS pharmacists plan their days more efficiently and maximize their treatments. Further, 30-second EHR syncs ensure that the calendar is up-to-date so pharmacists can better manage the dosage schedule.

With NexHealth, the actual patient time in the pharmacy has significantly decreased.”

Jamie Keller, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

TOPS also saved 1.8 days per month with integrated, HIPAA-compliant forms. “In the past, pharmacists spent time explaining to patients how to fill out their forms,” Ms. Keller says. “Now we save five to ten minutes per patient, on average.” With NexHealth, TOPS helps scale the national vaccine rollout and improves broader patient outcomes.




average days saved per month with digital forms

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