NexHealth helps Apex Dental Partners save time and money by unifying communications

Specialty: General Dentistry

Location: Dallas, TX (24)

Providers: 11

Integrates with: Dentrix, Eaglesoft



Apex Dental Partners is a dental service organization (DSO) with locations across major metropolitan areas in Texas and Oklahoma. As the new Vice President of Marketing for the group, Jake Dold looked to improve efficiency and visibility into patient communications with a tool that truly served the needs of DSOs. The company was using multiple vendors across locations for communications, including Lighthouse 360 and Solutionreach. This inevitably created inconsistency, a lack of visibility, and increased overhead of juggling different relationships, login credentials, and workflows.

We’re rolling out NexHealth to all of our locations immediately.”

Jake Dold, Vice President of Marketing

COVID-19 brought these problems to center stage for Jake and his team, as it took “nearly a full day” working with practices just to update and standardize patient reminders across all locations. “We need to be a lot more nimble than this. Especially now.”



In light of recent events, Apex Dental Partners decided to put their best foot forward by expediting the rollout of NexHealth to all of their locations as quickly as possible. “It just makes sense.” With this solution in place, they will consolidate scheduling and communications across all locations and all practice management systems to NexHealth, eliminating several other tools. “I want to work with a company that listens to customer feedback and iterates on the product quickly,” said Mr. Dold. “To that end, NexHealth has been a pleasure to work.”


Key Benefits

  • Unified communication and scheduling across practices
  • Complete visibility across all patient communication
  • Time and money saved by using one vendor instead of multiple

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