Build stronger patient relationships with the NexHealth App

As patient loyalty plummets, are you losing ground?

Is Patient Loyalty Dead? That’s the headline of a Medscape article published five years ago, and the situation hasn’t improved since. Retaining patients gets more difficult every year. Healthcare is being consumerized, and both patients and providers are feeling the squeeze.

And while more transparency and consumer choice is a good thing, low patient loyalty takes a real toll on the patient-provider relationship. That creates worse health outcomes for patients, and unstable revenue for doctors and dentists. According to a major study, the only way to fight this trend is: “Give consumers reasons to stay.”

But what does that really mean for healthcare providers? How can you invest in patient relationships while still running an efficient, profitable practice?

Make yourself indispensable

To become your patients’ go-to provider, you have to make it dead simple for them to contact you, schedule appointments, send you medical records, and more. It’s all possible with the NexHealth App.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 6.03.15 PM.png

When you join NexHealth, your patients can download the free app and connect directly with your practice. Anytime they want to book or reschedule appointments, message you with a question, see their booking history, send you files or images, etc., the patient just opens the app. Everything lives in one convenient, well-organized place.

In other words, the NexHealth App is the key to your patients’ smartphones (and hearts). That’s how you stay top-of-mind with busy patients, and keep your relationships vibrant. All of your patients’ healthcare needs are laid out clearly and securely. When they want to engage your practice, they just open the app.







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