Build a stronger, leaner practice with powerful analytics

For healthcare providers, ignorance isn’t bliss

If you’re trying to build or strengthen your practice, you already know that data is the key. Are you booking fewer appointments this week? Seeing more cancellations recently? Initiating too many reschedules? Without this kind of data, your revenue becomes a crapshoot.

Shockingly, many healthcare practices lack even this basic level of information about their daily operations. They’re flying blind. And when data is spread across multiple, disparate software platforms, or when it proves difficult to extract and analyze, the situation can feel hopeless.

Crucial data. Deep insights. Zero effort.

With NexHealth, getting the data you need to build a stronger practice is as simple as opening your dashboard. Click Analytics at the top of the screen to see a clear, visual breakdown of your practice performance. It looks like this:  


All of your critical appointment numbers are here, including visits booked and rescheduled, no-shows and cancellations, and more. Click any category to break out the data:



You’ll also get an email from NexHealth every morning that summarizes your daily analytics. If there are important trends developing, we want to make sure you see them right away.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.10.53 PM

See how NexHealth works for your practice

Appointment numbers are vital data to maintain healthy revenue and strong patient relationships. But you also need to understand how NexHealth is performing for your practice.

That’s why we made it simple to see how many payments you’ve processed, the number of digital appointment reminders sent, satisfaction ratings from your digital surveys, and more.

Can these data points help you spot major trends in your practice operations? Absolutely. But they’re also essential to understanding how much value NexHealth is creating for your business.

When you partner with NexHealth, you should know exactly what you’re paying for. This kind of transparency is how we make it possible.







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