Bring back no-shows with automated follow-ups

No-shows are a problem. Manual labor is not the answer.

Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are a fact of life for healthcare providers. Your patients lead busy lives. Calendar mistakes and scheduling issues are unavoidable.

So what’s the solution? Many practices give up on the patient. More diligent offices will reach out via phone call, leading to missed calls, voicemails, and phone tag. It’s a tremendous drain on staff time that still doesn’t guarantee a rescheduled appointment. Manual labor is simply the wrong tool for this problem.

The hassle-free, 24-7 solution to patient follow-up

When patients no-show, your response should be immediate and fully automated. That’s where NexHealth comes in. Shortly after a missed appointment, your patient will receive a follow-up email like this:


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.56.10 PM


They also receive a follow-up text message, like this:



With a few taps, the patient can see your available appointments and reschedule in moments. (Learn how online scheduling works with NexHealth.) The appointment is then back on your books, and your staff never had to lift a finger!


Why this works so well: 3 reasons

When you turn on digital follow-ups, you’ll notice immediate benefits to your practice.

  1. It frees up your staff. Manual outreach is hugely inefficient and a morale drain, too. Automating patient follow-up means your staff can attend to more important things - like paying attention to patients in the office.
  2. It’s persistent. Your digital follow-up messages reach patients via multiple channels (email and text message). And if there’s no response, you can keep sending them. Busy patients appreciate that kind of thoroughness - and you’ll appreciate the growth in appointments.
  3. It works 24/7. Phone calls just aren’t convenient for your patients. They often can’t take a call during work hours - and when they’re finally available, your office is closed. With digital follow-up, patients can read your message anytime and book instantly - even during nights and weekends.

If you haven’t tried digital follow-up messaging yet, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. It’s a better experience for patients and staff that strengthens your revenue. In other words, this is an essential tool for your practice.







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