We have a philosophy at NexHealth. When it comes to our product, we are committed to making at least one improvement to our platform every month. This way, as a paying customer, you continue to get the best, most up-to-date service possible. Over time, these continuous improvements and features keep our product the best in the market.

We’ve made several major updates in the month of August. Ready to dive in?


Messages redesigned

New, clean interface for text messaging patients.

We’ve redesigned our two-way texting feature to be much more intuitive and easy to work with! You can easily start new conversations, browse through  existing, and easily keep track of new text messages from patients.


Patient profile redesign

Search for patients easily.

We’ve redesigned the “Patients” tab so that it’s much easier for you to find information on patients. For example, you can now see an exact copy of the reminder email/text your patient received. Or, easily look up what time the patient received their reminder.

This new redesign stores a copy of each and every interaction NexHealth has with your patients, and then makes it simple for you to find.


New “Communication Preferences”

Manage patient notifications.

We added a “communication preferences” section to the patient profile so that you can pick and choose the types of emails/texts you’d like your patients to continuously receive.

For example, you may want to unsubscribe patients from receiving review requests but still make sure that they keep getting your reminder confirmations.


Send campaigns using custom CSV lists

Upload your own patient lists.

We’ve added a new option to our campaigns. In addition to the default filters you have when it comes to sending a mass email/text campaign to your patients, you can now also upload your own custom list.


Control last minute bookings

We’ve added the ability for practices to customize how soon they let patients book appointments. For example, some offices prefer not to have appointments booked within 12 hours of an appointment, others may prefer 24 hours, and some may prefer 1 hour. Whatever your preference is, you can now customize this.


Improved tracking with online booking

We’ve added capabilities for you to add custom landing pages to your online booking. This means that when a patient completes booking an appointment with your office, you can send that patient to your own custom landing page. This way, the patient experience is on-brand, but now you can also better track the patient’s online journey to finding and booking with you.

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