Every no-show is lost revenue

When a patient misses a visit, you lose revenue of course, but you also lose the resources that went into scheduling that appointment in the first place. Every minute your office staff spends playing phone tag, leaving voicemails, and manually confirming appointments comes with a real dollar cost. (There’s also a cost to your patient experience. Wouldn’t you rather have your team focus on patients in the office?)


Automate your appointment reminders with NexHealth

Ready for the good news? With NexHealth, there’s a simple, seamless way to confirm appointments and dramatically decrease your no-show rate. It looks like this:

Your patients receive these simple appointment reminders, via email and text message, several days before an upcoming visit. They confirm the appointment with a single tap. No phone calls, voicemails, or manual staff time needed.


Customize your reminder times and the way they look

Why this works so well: 3 reasons

  1. Patients prefer it. Manual outreach isn’t fun for patients. They get a call from an unknown number and have to listen to a voicemail – then they return the call, and might get put on hold. With digital reminders, your patients can confirm with a single tap. Easier communication means higher response rates and fewer no-shows.
  2. It’s effortless. Why would you make manual phone calls when the automated solution is simpler and more effective? NexHealth is fully integrated with your PMS, so there’s no background work. Just turn it on and start saving time and resources immediately.
  3. We double-check. We let you customize your reminders. So you can give your patients that extra nudge like a reminder on the same day of the appointment even if they confirmed. That little extra nudge is very helpful for busy patients – and creates a dramatic uptick in your attendance rate.

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