8 Stats for Online Booking That Every Practice Should Know

Today, practices still question the benefits of real-time online booking and the impact it will have with their patients.     

If your practice is still debating on whether or not it's time to make the shift toward "online booking," look no further. We've put together a list of 8 statistics that will help showcase the future of patient experience with online appointments. 

Providing online booking to your patients is more than just another expense for your practice, it's an investment. Online scheduling has been on an uphill standard, providing a multitude of benefits for your practice like attracting new patients, higher retention rates with existing patients, all while modernizing your approach to providing premium patient experience. When a practice is able to implement their online booking experience for patients, more patients will book and rebook appointments online while freeing up your staff to tackle everything needed within a day.  

Let's take a look at the latest statistics revolving around the future of online booking with sources from Accenture, MGMA, PMC, GetApp, Becker's Healthcare, PatientEngagementHIT, and Binary Foundation.


Booking Appointments infographic (4)


Take advantage of online booking today and see your practice grow.

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