What is real-time online booking? 

If you are currently asking yourself this question, then you are probably missing out on acquiring new patients at this very moment. Real-time online booking is a new feature that dental practices are now taking advantage of to help acquire new patients, retain existing, all while modernizing their patient experience.

When it’s time for a visit to the dentist, patients will search through platforms like Google and social media for the “best” practice that will fit their needs. If a dental practice makes it difficult to book an appointment on their website or through Google, they will miss out on that patient because the process is too long and their patience is too thin. Patients, whether new or existing want to be able to book an appointment anytime, anywhere.

The convenience of clicking a button on your website and selecting the doctor or type of visit is crucial to acquiring new patients. What’s even cooler is that Dentists can have full control over their calendar and available dates they decide to choose for their patients. On top of everything, this feature bi-directionally syncs with your PMS, so no need for manual work on your end. Going into 2020, roughly 64% of patients will book appointments through this feature and the number will continue to rise.

Below, are four dental practices that are great examples of how real-time online booking should be used to strengthen the patient experience. Check out their online presence and see for yourself how practices like Grand Street DentalThe SmilistStrong Smiles Dental Care, and Les Belles NYC do it. We hope you enjoy!

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